The Arca Swiss Vario Finder is the clearest, brightest rangefinder we’ve seen. The clarity of viewing compared to the competition is astonishing. There is a distinct “sweet spot” for viewing; looking through the Vario Finder at anything other than a completely centered viewpoint, will show a distorted image. So, if you see a perfectly clear image, you can be assured you’re viewing exactly straight through the Vario Finder.

A quick reference guide for focusing (both distance and depth of field) is provided by a small tube (called a drum) that sits in a secure cradle behind the Vario Finder, accessible for behind the camera viewing.

The Vario Finder can also be turned 90 degrees to match a vertically mounted digital back or film back.

Framing can be set for any combination of digital back and lens. The front element of the Vario Finder slides forward and backward to clearly marked settings and a Magnetic Framing Mask with a laser cutout mounts magnetically to the front. The mask has small holes along the edges that will tell you how many millimeters to shift to achieve any given framing (each hole represents 5mm).

The great thing about this is that the Arca Swiss Framing Mask works very differently from similar products. When placing the Framing Mask over the Vario Finder, the mask opening itself can be positioned anywhere within the finder, making it a true four-edge framing tool.

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